Round ’em Up: Monday

14 04 2008

Hi all.  Sorry I was MIA for most of the day yesterday.  It was great to see the Brewers take the series from the New York Mets.  TWO road series wins already?!  I must be dreaming.

  • Bugs and Cranks has a nice story about Gabe Kapler.  In case you did not know, you cannot stop Gabe Kapler.  You simply cannot.  The best you can do is hope to contain him.  Needless to say, the Mets did not.
  • This is one of the most interesting articles of the day.  A reader at Brew Crew Ball reports on the gmLI of all the relievers.  That is, how pressure-packed are the moments that each reliever gets put into the game?  Who gets thrown into the fire the most?  Brian Shouse takes the crown, which does not surprise me.  He strands runners like it’s his job…which it is.  Eric Gagne takes second, naturally.  What is very surprising is that Derrick Turnbow has been brought into the games when the games are the least important.  Well, second to the least important.  Seth McClung takes the cake there.
  • Jim Powell reports from New York about the Mets-Brewers series.
  • In-Between Hops notes that The Milwaukee Brewers are 8-4 to start the season.  That’s great!  Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, and J.J. Hardy are all struggling from the plate.  If they can get it going, the offense will be very difficult to deal with.

    The most depressing part of the article is that the Milwaukee Brewers are last in the league in walks.  They have to be more disciplined at the plate.  That means Ryan Braun cannot keep swinging at everything in the vicinity of the plate.  Yes, I know he can put a ball near the dirt into the stands, but he most likely won’t.  Draw a walk.

  • In the same vein, Between the Green Pillars looks at the same sustainable production question.  It is a little fuller and touches on who is playing above their heads and who will come back down to earth.  I do not necessarily agree that David Riske and Guillermo Mota will necessarily pitch worse than they are right now.  Their stuff looks good.
  • The Baseball Savant eliminates the Milwaukee Brewers from the playoff picture because they have two rookie pitchers.  I wouldn’t consider Yovani Gallardo a rookie pitcher.  Bad reasoning.  Too simplistic.
  • Nate McLouth has the longest current hitting streak in the majors.  Who would have guessed?!
  • Ed Wade and the Houston Astros have a collective headache.  Their team is bad.  I think Ed Wade needs to just realize that he needs to move into rebuilding mode right now.  Not only is their team bad, but their farm system is completely depleted because of the “ingenious” moves to acquire Miguel Tejada and Jose Valverde.  Miggy hasn’t been awful, but Valverde has.  The time has come to admit defeat.



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