Big decisions loom large

14 04 2008

Yovani Gallardo and Mike Cameron are about to come back to the team, and there seems to be little room for them in the lineups. This is a good problem to have, but it’s becoming a problem where the Brewers may lose a player and get nothing in return.

Let’s look at the “Yovani Dilemma” first. Here are some options.

  1. Manny Parra or Carlos Villanueva is sent to Triple-A Nashville to make room for Yovani. Both are promising young pitchers, but both have options left. Perhaps they need more time in the minors to get more seasoning.
  2. Dave Bush is knocked out of the rotation by Yovani, and he is sent to the minors. Because he has three years of service in the big leagues, however, he would have to clear waivers. It seems highly unlikely that Dave would make it through waivers and on to Nashville. It may be a risk Doug Melvin and Co. will have to take.
  3. Seth McClung is optioned to Triple-A to make room for Bush, Parra, or Villanueva to move to the bullpen. McClung is out of options, so he would have to clear waivers as well. He has a very live arm, and teams (Detroit, Atlanta, and Florida) are thirsting for relievers and/or starters right now. It also seems unlikely that Seth would clear waivers.

Now let’s see what the “Cameron Dilemma” holds for us:

  1. Gabe Gross is optioned to Triple-A, but has to clear waivers. He’s been absolutely awful at the plate thus far, but he has shown that he can get it done in the past. Gabe certainly would not clear waivers either.
  2. Tony Gwynn Jr. gets sent to Triple-A. This may happen, but I do not want it to happen. He’s been fantastic at the plate and in the field thus far. His hamstring is obviously a concern, but he has shown this year that he belongs in the big leagues. Give him a chance to produce off the bench.
  3. Gabe Kapler is optioned to the minors. Does anyone think this is going to happen? Me neither.

None of these options sound very appealing, do they? I look for Doug Melvin and the Brewers to begin shopping Dave Bush and Gabe Gross around the league. If there are not any takers, I would expect to see Tony Gwynn Jr. and Manny Parra sent to the minors to preserve the team’s future. I would much rather see a trade, however.

Let me play GM for a moment. This would be a trade that I would propose:

  • Detroit would receive: RHP Dave Bush, OF Gabe Gross, and 3B Mat Gamel
  • Milwaukee would receive: C James Skelton, LHP Casey Crosby, and a low-level pitching prospect

Admittedly, it would be difficult to get rid of Gamel’s bat, but Milwaukee’s system is stacked at the third base position. I would like to see the Brewers get a bona fide catching prospect (nothing against Vinny Rottino) and a high-ceiling left-handed starting pitcher. This would help replenish the minor league system a bit and allow the Crew to get something for Bush and Gross. The Detroit Tigers are scrambling for offense and for help in the bullpen. Plus, Gary Sheffield and Magglio Ordonez are not getting any younger. Mat Gamel could fit in nicely at the DH position.

With that said, this will not happen. It would be nice to see the Brewers think a little outside of the box though.  What would you all like to see happen?




4 responses

14 04 2008

I don’t really know anything about those two prospects from Detroit, but I do agree that the team should get a nice package deal through. Gabe Gross has had his chance. He’s a good player, but unneeded. I would actually rather that trade have Seth McClung in it over Dave Bush. Dave could be a good long reliever for the team. Good idea with Mat Gamel though. He’s a good player, but he doesn’t have a spot in Milwaukee. His bat is good enough to be a DH in the AL though.

14 04 2008

It is a tough situation… It is a good problem to have, but at this point, I think Gywnn has to move down, get some at bats… with the way Kapler has been playing, he would play probably at best play every other day that Cameron doesn’t play… so maybe 1/5 games… and maybe 30 games all year. He is young, so send him down and let him bat everyday…. is it just me or is Hernand Irrabarren still on our major league roster… can’t you send him down, or because he is a lefty is that not doable? I am probably missing something there with Hernand.

For the pitching, I think you try to trade Bush, if you can’t get anything for him, then try to trade McClung… if no trade for McClung works out then it is sad to see him go back down, but I guess Parra is the odd man out, he probably will be back before the All-Star break, figuring someone will get hurt. I can’t imagine what we would do if we still had Capuano healthy and decided to keep Vargas! After two of those guys are down we still have issues!

14 04 2008

first of all, I think it would be a hard to think that the Tigers would deal their ONLY catching prospect. Pudge Rodriguez’s contract is up and the tigers would scramble to find a catcher if they don’t hold on to Skelton. I think they would be more likely to give up a Jeff Larish or someone of similar stature.

14 04 2008

That is certainly a fair point. I also think that Brandon Inge is warming up to the idea of catching again. Not to mention the fact that Skelton does have some durability issues that have followed him. Jeff Larish is certainly an interesting prospect though, I agree.

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