Round ’em Up: Sunday

13 04 2008

This is going to be quite short, I apologize.  I will be gone all day, so I will not be able to watch the game.  I will post later tonight though.

  • Guillermo Mota made quite the change in his delivery, and it is paying big dividends.  Bullpen coach, Bill Castro, noticed that Guillermo was not standing completely upright, which negated the advantage of his tall frame.  As such, he is getting much more on a downhill plane.  That is obviously good for the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Here’s a bunch of stuff from Tom Haudricourt.
  • Adam McCalvy writes about how J.J. Hardy is trying to adapt to the seven hole.  It is a rough spot for J.J.  He will not see many good pitches because he is just before the pitcher, and the ones he will see are on the outside half of the plate.  Unfortunately, Hardy is not one to hit the ball to the opposite field.  I think that is why he’s struggling.  He’s still trying to pull those pitches that are away from him.
  • Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder are asking to flip-flop positions in the batting order.  I cannot believe that it could possibly be factoring into their struggles thus far, but it couldn’t hurt, I suppose.  Does anyone else think it was Prince’s idea to change spots?  Mr. Baggy Pants has got quite superstitious over the past week or so.  No worries though.  He’s still the Prince.
  • The Sports Bubbler takes a look at Bill Hall.
  • The Sports Bubbler also continues their minor league prospect series.  Who has something to prove today?  Those that are struggling with injuries.  Mark Rogers, Jeremy Jeffress (marijuana), and Zach Braddock are all mentioned.



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