Round ’em Up: Tuesday (cont’d)

8 04 2008

Sorry the previous Round ’em Up was so short.  I wanted to make up for it by finishing up this evening.  Here’s some more for you:

  • The Milwaukee JS has the lineups for later tonight.  Still no Tony Gwynn Jr. That is probably not an ideal thing to hear…
  • (Hat tip to BN reader, Nate, on this one) The Wisconsin Sports Bar points out that Gabe Kapler and Ryan Braun are the first Jewish tandem to hit a home run in a single inning.  They also have the same nickname: The Hebrew Hammer.  I’ve come to realize that if Kapler hits a home run in a game, that simply means that Braun has to later.  It’s not complicated…just science…
  • Jeff Sackmann, writer of Brew Crew Ball, has a very interesting article posted that discusses the over-right-handedness of the Brewers lineup.  Jeff notes that it should only turn out to cost the Crew about a win over the whole year.  I don’t care if you are left-handed or right-handed heavy in the lineup.  If you are seeing the ball well and have talented hitters, they will produce.  I’m not trivializing the subject, but stats can only take you so far…

    In case you were wondering…I have an interview in the works with Jeff Sackmann.  Jeff was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.  Hopefully, it will be posted in the next couple days.

  • The Hardball Times says that the Milwaukee Brewers have started off on a very high note.  Hold back the shock on that one, please.  They believe that the Crew has performed a bit over their heads on the defensive end, but the author seems to come away impressed with Milwaukee thus far in the season.  It could be the Brewers are playing over their heads on the defensive side of the ball, or perhaps moving Ryan Braun to left and Bill Hall to third really helps the team overall.  And maybe, just MAYBE, some of the younger players worked on their defense in the off-season.  Nah, that can’t be the reason though, right?
  • In the most interesting article of the day, Francisco Cordero seems to hold a little grudge against the Brewers.  He wanted to sign an extension in the Spring of last season, and when Melvin did not offer it to him, the Brewers effectively lost their chance at the closer.

    If what I am reading is correct, Cordero is upset that the Brewers organization wanted to see him perform before offering him a high-priced contract.  Oh the humanity!!!  I think that Cordero pitched wonderfully for most of the season in ’07, and he greatly contributed to the Brewers having a winning record last season.  All the fans should be grateful to Coco and treat him with respect when the Reds visit Miller Park the next couple days.  At the same time, Coco going to the Reds greatly benefited Milwaukee, in my opinion.  It opened some cap room that allowed us to sign David Riske, acquire Salomon Torres, and sign Mike Cameron.  Resigning Cordero would have handcuffed the team to a big, big contract.

  • The love-fest surrounding Johnny Cueto continues, this time on Dugout Central.  Let’s hope that the Brewers bats can quite this enthusiasm a bit.  It will be hard though.  Cueto has electric stuff.
  • Turning away from the Milwaukee Brewers for a second, is anyone else surprised by the Detroit Tigers and their 0-7 start?  The Boston Red Sox shut them out today to prolong the agony for Tigers fans.  David Pinto takes a statistical look at their playoff chances.

There.  Hopefully this makes up for the short post earlier in the day!!!



One response

8 04 2008

Love Fest for Johnny Cueto….It’s hard to resist despite him being in Brewers division…..I’m gonna prove why I should keep my day job and not move to Vegas….

Fielder hits 2 doubles, drives in three runs and Brewers win 4-3…..Counsell winds up in teh game late and makes 2 incredible diving stops at shortstop……one turns into a double play….the other one keeps Phillips to an infield single and saves a run from scoring which would have been the tying run…..Gagne works a 1-2-3 ninth for the save.

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