Round ’em Up: Sunday

6 04 2008

Good afternoon everyone!  Ben Sheets just struck out the side, so I think it is time for a little Round ’em Up action!  There is very little news today, unfortunately, but here’s what I have for you:

  • Normally I give you the starting lineup for the day, but the game has started.  You can see that for yourself!  So all I have from the Milwaukee JS is something on getting field turf in Miller Park.  I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing.  But really?  They are going to do it so the team can have tractor pulls?  That’s stupid.
  • Ned Yost is a little worried about how to use his bullpen.  People get so worried about having assigned roles for the pen.  Perhaps it will be a little better for the pen this year to let whoever is ready pitch.  David Riske, Derrick Turnbow, and Guillermo Mota can pitch the eighth inning.  That cannot be anything but a plus for the team.
  • Teams have been playing a huge shift when Prince Fielder is batting.  He claims that he is unfazed by the shift.  I suppose he has produced this year so far, so I cannot doubt him.  Still, he has to subconsciously have the tendency to try to hit the ball to left more often.  We’ll have to see if that happens.
  • Here’s an interview with Manny Parra.
  • David Pinto from Baseball Musings is a little annoyed with a Chicago Cubs fan.  It is just humorous to read.  Pinto says that besides Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs fans have nothing going for them right now.



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