Brewers fall to Cubs in series finale

3 04 2008

We all knew the Brewers were going to lose eventually.  Still, any loss to the Chicago Cubs hurts. 

Dave Bush struggled with his stuff and command all day.  He walked home a run in the fourth inning that ended up being the winning run for Chicago.  Bush had his typical high pitch count and was unable to pitch out of the sixth inning.  I understand it is early in the season, but five walks is a little ridiculous.  Especially walking in a run in the fourth inning.  Bush will certainly need to shape up his stuff before his next outing.

The game actually started out with a bang, if you do not mind the pun.  Rickie Weeks led off the game with a walk, and Tony Gwynn Jr. continued his hot streak with a double to left.  Prince Fielder then hit a fly ball to the outfield.  Cubs catcher Geovany Soto stood in front of the plate getting ready to field the throw from the outfield, but Rickie plowed him over.  It was not a dirty play, as Soto was blocking the plate without the ball.  While Soto retrieved the ball that inevitably passed him, Gwynn came around to score.

After the first inning, though, Ryan Dempster settled down and stymied the Brewers offense.  It was a little annoying to watch Dempster, who is frankly very mediocre, mow down the Brewers hitters.  Dempster particularly owned Bill Hall, who struck out in consecutive at bats against Dempster.  I know it is only one game, but the Crew cannot afford to have their bats be as streaky as they were last season.  They must be more consistent.  Hall and Corey Hart cannot swing for the fences every at bat.  It is still early, however, so I will digress.

Later in the game, Derrick Turnbow struggled with his command.  He hit Felix Pie and proceeded to walk Daryl Ward.  He did retire the next three batters to escape with a scoreless inning.  His command is a crap-shoot each game though.  That is why Turnbow cannot be the closer for the Milwaukee Brewers.  He still has fantastic stuff and should be a 7th or 8th inning guy, but not a closer.

Tony Gwynn Jr. left the game in the 6th inning, I believe, with a tight hamstring.  Hopefully it is nothing major.  Gwynn has been very impressive to open the season.  Perhaps the Mike Cameron suspension is all he needed to show his stuff.  He needs to be a little more consistent at the plate for a longer period of time to convince me still, but he’s off to a great start.

Records:  Brewers (2-1); Cubs (1-2)

Hero of the Game:  Rickie Weeks

Rickie did exactly what he is supposed to do today as a lead-off hitter.  He worked the count and drew a walk in the first inning.  He was aggressive on the basepaths with a stolen base, and he did not strike out.  He finished 2-3 with a single, a double, and two runs scored.  If Rickie can produce like this at the top of the lineup, the Brewers offense will be very difficult this season.   Not to mention I loved the fact that Rickie drilled Soto in the first inning.  I’m not one for much contact at home plate, but after being hit twice in the first game and Prince Fielder getting hit twice yesterday and grazed today, I’m sure Rickie did not want to shy away from that contact.

Goat of the Game:  Dave Bush

I understand that the offense did not pick him up today, but his control was not where it needed to be today.  There is no excuse for walking in a run in the fourth inning.  You have to make the guy put it in play.  Let your defense help you out behind you.  To be effective, Dave needs to keep that walk rate down.  He does not have overpowering stuff, so his location is key.

In addition, Dave needs to work on keeping his pitch count down.  Sheets and Suppan did a great job working into the seventh inning the last two games.  One of the biggest reasons the Brewers lost the division last season is the fact that their bullpen was way too tired.  Again, it is only one game, but Bush had this problem last season as well.  I still maintain that Bush would be a great long man in the bullpen.  It’s not going to happen because Ned Yost seems to have an unnatural love for him, but it would be an idea.

On Tap

Carlos Villanueva will toe the rubber tomorrow in Milwaukee’s home opener against the San Francisco Giants.  Carlos will take on Jonathan Sanchez, with the game starting at 1:05pm CT.  Let’s start off the home season with a win!!!




2 responses

3 04 2008

If we win 2 of 3 every series, we will win 100 games!

4 04 2008

Weeks is a loudmouth punk, who much like Michael Jackson, wears a glove and no one knows why. He’ll get his.
And when you ALL invariably move to Chicago, buy your damn city sticker like the rest of us. Tools.

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