Round ’em Up: Wednesday

2 04 2008

Jeff Suppan and the Milwaukee Brewers will take on the Chicago Cubs and Ted Lilly in about an hour.  If the Crew can pull out a win in this game, it will be a great start for Milwaukee.  Anytime you can take a road series away from a division rival, it is something to celebrate.  Until then, here are some reads for you:

  • The Milwaukee JS is infatuated with Gabe Kapler today.  They praise his quiet demeanor and veteran presence in the clubhouse.  He gets the start for the Brewers today in center field.  Here is the rest of the lineup for your Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Do you remember Dayn Perry from FOX Sports?  Yeah, he’s the guy that has a seemingly unquenchable hatred for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Okay, that may be a little hyperbolic, but it does hold some truth.  The guy never has anything nice to say about the Brewers, and he’s always dwelling on the same negative aspects of the team, while ignoring the positives of the team.  He keeps that going today.

    Eric Gagne apparently is done after one bad outing.  I know that I wrote an article yesterday that asked if Gagne should be the closer for the Brewers, but I believe that Gagne should stay the closer and that he will succeed.  Dayn just says that Gagne’s done.  Finished.  Garbage.  Nice to know that Seattle’s J.J. Putz is not done after he gave up a walk-off home run to Texas’ Josh Hamilton.  Nope, Putz is just fine.  A star.  Just Gagne is finished.

  • Dugout Central has its predictions for the NL.  It’s nothing fancy or elaborate, but it’s still worth a read.
  • Alex Rodriguez makes more money this season than the entire roster fielded by the Florida Marlins.  That’s right, the entire team.  That is a combination of A-Rod’s obnoxious contract and the fact that Florida pays absolutely no one any kind of money.  Still, that is ridiculous.  Don’t worry though.  The Yankees do not have any advantage.  Give me a break…
  • I am not normally one to bash Chicago Cubs fans.  They are passionate for their team, just like Brewers fans are.  Sometimes, however, they can be a little over-the-top and rude.  That’s why this article made me laugh.  I do not mean to offend any Chicago Cubs fans, but they really look stupid here.  Edit your signs people!  I’m sure Kosuke Fukudome really appreciated the fact that your signs basically praise his success as an “accident.”  Classic.



2 responses

2 04 2008


So who’s next in line to be the closer?

2 04 2008


I couple posts down, I touched on that subject.

The answer? Eric Gagne. If he does continue to struggle, however, David Riske seems to be next in line. I don’t expect it to get that far though.

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