This cannot be real…

1 04 2008

I don’t even know what to say about this article.  It seems so unbelievable…

Then again, maybe it isn’t.



3 responses

1 04 2008

This is an article from SI from 1985 (check the dateline on the article). It was their amazing April Fool’s Joke. A real classic. Dunno if you were just trying to get more people in on the joke or also bought into it!

1 04 2008

I got an email asking me to post it. Nice catch!!!

2 04 2008

Topps got in on the April Fool’s Day fake player biz this year too. They created a baseball card with some 5-11 195lb HS kid from Japan that throws 104 mph fastballs and just got drafted and inserted it into packs of baseball cards.

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