Round ’em Up: Tuesday

1 04 2008

After yesterday’s meltdown by Brewers closer Eric Gagne, I expected this Round ’em Up to be filled with articles bashing Gagne and calling for him to be traded or released.  It turns out that I did not find one, not one, article calling for that.  I expect that would have been different had the Crew lost the game in the 10th.

  • Adam McCalvy gives a recap of the game yesterday.
  • Michael Hunt from the Milwaukee JS comes close to calling for Eric Gagne‘s head, but he resorts to praising the Brewers for being resilient and coming away with the win.  Come on now…if we’re going to overreact over one outing, let’s do it right and call for him to be cut!  Oh…and shorten Michael’s name to Mike, and he has a very funny name.  Mike Hunt…sorry I could not resist.  I’m sure he never heard about that in high school.
  • Let me take this moment to say that I was incredibly impressed by Ben Sheets yesterday.  Not only did he pitch a fantastic game after struggling mightily in Spring Training, but he only got stronger after the 49-minute rain delay.  For someone as injury-prone as Benny, I came away very impressed by that.  I understand it is only one start, but let me remind you all that my NL Cy Young pick for this season was Ben Sheets.
  • Craig Counsell reminded everyone why he still is on this team, even after many Brewers fans called for his release this off-season.  Tom Haudricourt says that Craig’s changes in his batting stance are helping him get to the ball much quicker than he had been before.  I think yesterday’s performance and his constant production throughout Spring Training echo that sentiment.
  • The Baseball Analysts discuss some of the games from Opening Day.  I have a sneaking feeling that the San Francisco Giants are going to be epically bad this season.
  • Should the pitcher bat 8th?  It worked out for the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday.  Dugout Central has another article bashing the idea.  It focuses solely on the St. Louis Cardinals, but the point remains the same.  My opinion is that it will not make a difference this season.
  • The Yost Infection has an article about Derrick Turnbow and Ned Yost’s decision to go with David Riske in the 10th inning.  When watching the game yesterday, I just thought that Ned wanted to parade all his new toys in the bullpen.  Plus, after Gagne had his command issues, the last person Yost wanted on the mound would be someone with more command problems.  It’s just nice that the Brewers have four different pitchers that can pitch in that situation…Turnbow, Riske, Guillermo Mota, and Salomon Torres.
  • This is not about the Milwaukee Brewers, but it is very interesting.  Why should the Brewers not shell out top-dollar for someone like Prince Fielder or Ben Sheets?  Their production could just plummet, and the organization could be handcuffed financially for seasons to come.  See Barry Zito on this one.  He may be a large reason why the Giants are so bad.



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