Braun becoming vocal leader

1 04 2008

Amy Nelson from wrote a nice article on Milwaukee’s win over the Cubs yesterday.  I thought I was reading another recap of the game, when something caught my eye.

After Eric Gagne struggled in the ninth inning, Ryan Braun started yelling in the dugout.  He did not blame Gagne.  He did not blame anyone for anything.  Instead, he kept yelling, “It’s not supposed to be easy!”

You know what?  He’s exactly right.  It’s not supposed to be easy.  The NL Central race will not be easy.  Beating the Cubs will not be easy.  The Brewers can do it though.  They proved it yesterday.

Braun said after the game that the Crew would not have won this game last year.  They would have curled up in a little ball and let the Cubs’ momentum run them over.  Not this year.  The young Brewers have been in a pennant race before now.  They’ve dealt with the pressure and the adversity that comes with blowing a big lead in the division.  And they are better for it.  They proved that yesterday.




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