Where will Rivera bat?

30 03 2008

Wondering what you thought Ned Yost will do with the lineup when Kendall isn’t in the game. Will Rivera bat eighth or ninth? 



When Jason Kendall isn’t in the game, the catcher will bat 8th in the lineup.  Yost says that it takes a “special kind of player” to bat in that ninth spot behind the pitcher, and Mike Rivera just doesn’t make enough contact with the ball to warrant that move.  I think you can definitely see that Rivera will be batting eighth if you look at the spring training games down the stretch.  When Kendall is not in the game, the catcher bats 8th.




One response

30 03 2008

thanks. That was the insight I was looking for. I wonder if Yost had made the decision for the better bat, like that of Munson, if the decision would have been different.

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