Long-term contracts offered to Braun, Fielder

30 03 2008

Brewers Owner Mark Attanasio told the press that the team offered long-term contracts to both Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.  It is nice to see the Brewers take a proactive approach to Fielder’s contract problems, but it seems unlikely that he will sign.  He will look to break the bank next season when he becomes arbitration-eligible.  Scott Boras enjoys seeing his name mentioned year after year too much to let Fielder sign this contract.

Braun, in my opinion, will most likely sign a multi-year deal that will allow him to make more than a few hundred thousand dollars for the next couple years.  Braun is in position to help himself for the next couple seasons, but the deal can still be team-friendly because it is done so far in advance.  I expect to hear Ryan Braun’s new contract to be signed within the next week or two.

Speaking of Prince Fielder, did you miss him in yesterday’s game against the Royals?  The team sent him home because he was suffering flu-like body aches and pains.  The flu bug has been running rampant through the Brewers’ clubhouse, and it would not be surprising to see Prince get sick.  Let’s hope that his new, healthy vegetarian diet will fend off the sickness, so he can be ready for tomorrow’s opener against the Chicago Cubs.



One response

30 03 2008

I’m hoping Prince signs and remains a Brewer for his entire career or at least 1 LTC.

I think you do an awesome job keeping things updated here. This is where I visit and link for Brewers everything. Keep us posted man.

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