MLB ’08: The Show

29 03 2008

I apologize that I have been gone the last couple days.  I’ve been in Minneapolis for a bit, so I haven’t had a chance to get to the computer.

I do have a review for the new PS3 baseball game, MLB ’08: The Show.  First, let’s get a few basic points out of the way:

  • MLB 08 The Show is the long running officially licensed baseball title available exclusively on all PlayStation platforms: PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2 and the portable PSP.
  • MLB 08 The Show is available exclusively for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable consoles.
  • MLB 08 The Show is the best-selling and most realistic baseball simulation available.
  • MLB 08 The Show for PlayStation delivers the closest experience possible next to actually playing in the Majors.
  • MLB 08 The Show is available right now wherever video games are available.

The Show has been the best baseball game running for a couple years now, and it is my favorite game that I have for my PS3 right now.  The gameplay is very fluid and solid.  The graphics are obviously much better with an HDtv, but they are quite impressive regardless.

The franchise option is by far my favorite part of the game.  The gameplay is very deep.  You can control the Double-A and Triple-A teams, along with deciding who your scouts and managers will be for your team.  I absolutely love playing with the lineups and the managers.  You can control every single part of your team.  It will keep you busy for hours.

The announcers are not incredibly annoying, which is a plus for a sports game.  There are nice tidbits to the gameplay, like batters walking to the dugout to get a new bat after breaking one.  The celebrations after a walk-off home run is a joy to watch, and players pump their fists and hold down their heads according to their play.  Hopefully you do not have to see your pitcher hold their head after giving up a bomb to Ryan Howard like I watched Jeff Suppan do.

Ryan Braun is an absolute freak in the game, as he should be.  The contracts are not representative of the players, so players like Dave Bush have to be paid $5M a year, while Ben Sheets is only paid $1.5M.  The trade market is a little too easy to make a very good team, even while staying under the team’s budget.  I had to restrain myself a bit with the Brewers.  I could have made my team much better than it is…but I wanted to keep many of the Brewers on my team.  If you take off the budget constraints, it is way too easy to make the team an all-star caliber team.

Overall, the game is well worth the money.  The gameplay is very realistic, and the teams are very well put together.  The announcers actually help you enjoy the game.  You don’t always want to put the game on mute.  I would very much suggest this game.

Now on to some good news.  I have a couple copies of the game to give away.  I haven’t decided how I’m going to give them away yet, but I need to know if there is some interest.  Would anyone be interested in a copy of MLB ’08: The Show?




6 responses

29 03 2008

In asnwer to your question. I have a great idea for giving the game away…give it to me. (yes, I’m interested)

29 03 2008

LOL Matt. Sadly, I do not have a PS-anything, so getting one from you, Jimmy, would be pointless…

However, if I DID have one, I would definitely be in the market!

30 03 2008

Who wouldn’t be willing to take that game?

30 03 2008

People that don’t have a PS3 🙂

19 05 2008

I would love the game, as any Baseball fan should.

9 12 2008

Where is Alcides Escobar at in the game? I can’t find him!

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