Round ’em Up: Thursday

27 03 2008

Ben Sheets had quite the tough outing yesterday.  He gave up four home runs and nine runs in five innings of work.  I would normally be very concerned about an awful outing like this to end the spring.  Sheets, however, has a nice trend of performing well in season openers.  Remember what happened last season?  He struggled against the San Francisco Giants to end the spring, but put together a beautiful complete game against the Dodgers on Opening Day.  All Brewers fans hope that Sheets can replicate that performance against the Cubs to start the season in ’08.

What else do I have for you?  Let’s take a look:

  •  Yahoo! Sports makes plenty of predictions for this season.  Ryan Braun is a dark horse to win the NL home run race.  Manny Parra is a dark horse to win the NL Rookie of the Year (which will most likely not happen because he is a pitcher).  Ned Yost will be the first manager fired in the ’08 season.  Prince Fielder and Corey Hart will apparently do nothing worthwhile this season.  Really?
  • The Sports Bubbler continues their NL Central preview series today, focusing on the offenses.  No rankings in this one, unfortunately.  No matter…all the offenses in the Central (minus the Cardinals and the Pirates) are very potent and can put up buckets of runs.  The Crew should lead the NL Central in that category again this season.
  • Baseball Digest Daily posted an article covering The Best NL Prospects You Don’t KnowMatt LaPorta is mentioned in the outfield category.  People will know him before long.
  • John Sickels asks who the NL Rookie of the Year will be.  My personal guess is J.R. Towles, the catcher from the Houston Astros.  That is only because Manny Parra is a pitcher, and pitchers do not have the easiest road to being the Rookie of the Year.  If Manny can improve in his next outing, he could have a nice springboard into the season.  Watch for Manny this season, but keep an eye on Towles if you are looking for a sleeper in your fantasy leagues.  Just saying…
  • This is not about the Brewers, but Nick Markakis from the Baltimore Orioles is gaining a lot of my respect.  The manager got upset that Nick was taking grounders at shortstop.  Manager Dave Trembley does not want his star player getting a bad hop in the face I suppose.  At the same time, you have to respect a guy that is doing anything he can to help his team.  His offense is above-average for a corner outfielder, but it would be all-star caliber from the shortstop position.  The guy wants to do anything he can to improve himself and improve his team.  At least one player is not giving up on Baltimore this season.



2 responses

27 03 2008

That’s pretty much the reason I don’t read those expert predictions. They are about 90% wrong and they never give the Brewers any love.

On the other hand I absolutely love the article about the prospects I have supposedly “never heard of” considering quite a few of those guys I actually do know about!

27 03 2008

That article did make me feel smart! Matt LaPorta is known to those who are true Brewers fans.

Nick Markakis is great…I agree. I met him last season during Spring Training. Just a great guy and someone you really want to pull for in the MLB. If he can make it at short, more power to him.

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