Parra struggles against Rockies

24 03 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers played against the Colorado Rockies today on TV.  It was great to see the Crew live again.  Unfortunately, Milwaukee fell to the Rockies, 6-5.

Manny Parra had a chance to impress Ned Yost and a chance to solidify his place in the starting rotation.  I think the pressure got to Manny a little too much, as he constantly seemed to be overthrowing the baseball.  His control was not with him all day.  He was throwing the ball well, but it was up in the zone and in the center of the plate.  This was not a good way to impress the coaching staff, and he may have shown that the pressure may be a little too much.  Manny needed to slow down and trust his stuff a bit more.

The offense looked fairly good today.  Rickie Weeks impressed for a third day in a row, going 2-3 at the top of the lineup.  Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun looked absolutely locked in and ready for Opening Day.  Today was the first time that I have paid specific attention to Alcides Escobar.  I’ve seen plenty of highlights and seen him play, but I paid very close attention today.  Man, I came away impressed.  He is much faster than people think, and he actually handles the bat pretty well.  In his first at-bat, he shot the ball the opposite way against Rockies starter, Ubaldo Jimenez.  I still think he does not take enough pitches, but he waits back nicely on the ball.  That is very impressive for a young hitter.  He’ll be in the majors next season.

Derrick Turnbow pitched fairly well today.  His slider/curveball still needs a little work this spring, but his fastball is moving very well.  Derrick is also locating it very well.  Eric Gagne was very impressive today.  His change-up looked especially good, and his velocity is solid at 92-93 mph.  That velocity should increase come April.  His adrenaline will increase.  Thus, his velocity will to about 93-95 mph.

The Brewers may have lost today, but the offense and bullpen looked solid.  Manny Parra struggled, obviously, but I felt that he threw the ball well.  With that said, he’ll need to improve with his next outing.




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