Monday’s Round ’em Up

24 03 2008

I have today’s Round ’em Up for you.  The final one before the regular season starts tomorrow in Japan.  Lets see what we have:

  • Tom Haudricourt breaks down some of the roster decisions that Milwaukee will have to make.  Most of them I completely agree with, but I do wish that Carlos Villanueva could make the starting rotation.  I don’t know who he would replace though.  Claudio Vargas needs to be in the rotation because he has no options left.  I would say that he should be the long man in the pen, but Seth McClung seems to have that spot wrapped up.

    It will be interesting to see who gets bumped out when Yovani Gallardo gets back into the rotation.  I feel like Manny Parra may be the victim, as Ned Yost seems reluctant to send Dave Bush anywhere.  Ned does want a lefty in the rotation though, so I’m not completely sure what will happen.  If Manny pitches well for the first couple starts, he’ll be in the rotation when Yo comes back.

  • Beyond the Boxscore thinks that Derrick Turnbow is one of the most unlucky pitchers in the bigs.  The stats say that his WHIP goes way up after runners get on base, and apparently that makes Derrick unlucky.  To me, that simply means that Derrick gets ungodly worse when a runner gets on first.  He’ll obviously have to work on that.
  • has an NL Central preview.  The problem?  They forgot to pick a winner.
  • If you are interested, RealGM Baseball previews the Chicago Cubs.  Apparently, Kosuke Fukudome and Jon Lieber are going to make a very big difference.  In fact, they think that Fukudome should bat third.  I know the Cubs will be good, but it’s obvious that a Cubs fan wrote this.
  • Are you confused about Chris Capuano‘s injury?  Baseball Digest Daily breaks down the injury and explains what Chris will need to do to rehab his elbow.  It does not sound fun.



2 responses

24 03 2008

I don’t know, that RealGM site was biased, but he only predicted the Cubs to have 2 more wins than the Brewers. You would think the Cubs fan in him would inflate their win total by at least that. Or at least decrease the Brewers’.

Also, does anyone know what the current bullpen situation looks like? If we have 12 pitchers that puts 7 in the pen.
I see it as:
SP(5): Sheets, Suppan, Parra, Bush, Vargas, Gallardo(DL), Capuano(DL)
RP(6):Turnbow, Riske, Torres, Shouse, Mota, Villanueva/McClung
CL(1): Gagne
Is that it? or is it more complicated than that. I would hate to see Villanueva in Nashville as I think he is better than Vargas and Bush. I would still like to see him as a long reliever I think.

24 03 2008

McClung is going to make the last spot because he is out of options. Ned Yost loves his arm and does not want to lose him. I think you can see that McClung is going to be “the long man” in the pen because he pitched four innings the other day. Yost wants to see if he can be that man.

They want Villanueva to be a starter, not a reliever now. Either he or Parra will start in Triple-A. I agree that he has a great arm, but the Brewers have too much pitching (which is actually a blessing).

SP (5): Sheets, Suppan, Vargas, Bush, Parra, Gallardo (DL), Cappy (out for the season – most likely)
RP (6): McClung, Mota, Torres, Shouse, Riske, Turnbow
CL (1): Gagne

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