Capuano likely to have surgery

23 03 2008

Everyone thought that Chris Capuano simply had tendinitis in his throwing elbow.  Turns out it is much more than that.

Chris has a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow.  He will seek a third opinion from another doctor, but it seems likely that he’ll have season-ending surgery.  It looks to be the same ligament that Chris injured while pitching in Arizona.

I feel really bad for Cappy, as he logged many good innings for the Crew before struggling last season.  Chris sounds very reluctant to go through another rehab session.  It took him 10 months to get back on the mound the last time, and he simply does not want to go through that again.

It looks like the starting rotation decisions just got a lot easier.




One response

23 03 2008

Well I guess we now know why they were reluctant to trade anyone. It sucks for Cappy but maybe it ill be good for him and he’ll come back stronger next year. A second Tommy JOhns though…man. I hope this is good news for Parra though!

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