Brewers nip D’Backs

23 03 2008

Rickie Weeks had quite the return to a Brewers uniform today.  After struggling for most of the spring, Rickie went 2-4 with a three-run bomb that put the Crew ahead in the bottom of the seventh.  Milwaukee held on for the rest of the game to beat the Diamondbacks, 5-4.

It looks like Rickie’s game in the minors yesterday helped him get his timing back.  Sometimes all you need is a little work against minor league pitchers to get your groove back.  That helped him last season after all.  Perhaps Rickie can get on a hot streak before the season starts.  See how a couple nice days in a row can change pessimism to optimism?  Maybe everyone overreacts after all.  Or not…

Jeff Suppan did not pitch fantastically today, but it was definitely much better than he had been throwing the ball.  He gave up three runs, only two earned, in five innings of work.  He only walked one person and struck out five.

Jeff can credit one of his runs to Craig Counsell.  Craig, who is normally a fine defender, put up three errors today.  The defense hurt Soup last season, perhaps more than other Brewers pitchers.  He looks to pitch to contact and let the defense work.  Unfortunately, the defense did not work too well last season.




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