Round ’em Up: Saturday

22 03 2008

I know I went missing yesterday, and I apologize.  I wasn’t at home for the whole day and had no access to my computer.  Let me see if I can make up for it by giving you a little Round ’em Up today.

  •  Vinny Rottino is looking to become the starting catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers in a couple years.  Doug Melvin said that Vinny is THE number one catching prospect in Milwaukee’s system.  Considering the Brewers have Angel Salome and Jonathan Lucroy, I think Doug meant to say he is the closest to making the big leagues…not the best prospect.  Still, Vinny is a great story.
  • The Baseball Analysts have an NL Central preview with the author of Bleed Cubbie Blue.  Who do you think they have winning the division?  The Cubs.  Perhaps for the same reason I had the Brewers in first.  Who knows?
  • Jayson Stark from ESPN runs down his players that have had fantastic springsManny Parra makes the list for the Crew, and Jayson believes that Manny will force Doug to move either Dave Bush or Claudio Vargas.  I am guessing that Jayson wrote this before Manny had a few problems against the Kansas City Royals on Thursday.  Still, Manny is a stud.  I’m glad ESPN is realizing this.
  • I mentioned above that Vinny Rottino is being sent down to Nashville to take a prominent role as a full-time catcher.  Mitch Stetter also is getting sent down to get a little more seasoning.  This leaves Brian Shouse as the lone lefty in the bullpen to start the season.
  • J.J. Hardy may be a little sicker than the Brewers had thought.  The flu bug had been running through the clubhouse.  Eric Munson and Eric Gagne were out for a couple days, but they were healthy and playing a few days later.  J.J. has been out for much longer.  He’s lost 10 pounds already from his sickness, and the Brewers are sending him to get some tests to make sure he doesn’t have something other than the flu.

    This is a little concerning that J.J. has felt so weak and is losing a lot of weight, but it does just sound like the flu.  The Brewers should be quite cautious, but I wouldn’t be too concerned.

  • Yovani Gallardo took another step in his rehab and pitched in a live game.
  • If you are looking for a list of pitchers’ injuries, The Baseball Savant has a pretty good list of the major injuries.  It’s very short, but the Brewers are included.
  • Are you sick of all the talk about steroids and The Steroid Era?  How about a different angle? takes a look at steroids and how they could have been good for the game.  That’s right.  Good for the game.



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