Round ’em Up: Escobar, Mota, LaPorta

20 03 2008

Today’s Round ’em Up is going to be a little short.  There is just not that much out there today.  That’s probably because everyone is going to be doing what I will be doing in a little bit…watching the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament.  Here’s what I have for you though:

  • Guillermo Mota has been very impressive this spring.  He is attributing that to a new team, some tweaks in his mechanics, and being back with his old teammate, Eric Gagne.  If those two can ever put together what they did with the Dodgers, the Brewers will win the division.  No questions asked.
  • Adam McCalvy has a minor league report for us all.  Alcides Escobar is turning heads again this spring.  He made “the best play” that Mitch Stetter and Vinny Rottino had ever seen.  Ever.  Escobar is only 20-years old, and his teammates are already sure that he’s going to be a big league player in a year or two.  I hope they are right.  His defensive skills are something special.

    Mitch Stetter is playing with his delivery to right-handed batters.  He’s always been a sidearm pitcher to lefties, and an overhead pitcher to righties.  Mitch is beginning to switch arm slots during the at-bat to righties.  Apparently, some of the hitters this spring have been completely confused as to what’s going on when he does that.  Anything to gain an edge, right?

  • Baseball Digest Daily has their 50 best hitters in the minor leagues.  Matt LaPorta comes in at number 23.
  • Dugout Central has an interesting piece about the 10 biggest changes in Major League Baseball throughout its history.  Number one is the switch to allow batters to use maple bats.  Home runs galore after that.
  • MLB Trade Rumors says that the Florida Marlins are looking for another pitcher to slot in their starting rotation.  They mention a couple Brewers that could fill that spot.  To me, this seems utterly unlikely.  The Marlins would never take on a contract over $3M right?  That’s what I thought.



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