Angels rout Brewers

18 03 2008

Jeff Suppan struggled again today, giving up six runs on six hits and three walks.  He has not been commanding the ball well, and he’s not getting batters to hit the ball on the ground.  He claims he was trying to work on his cut fastball today.  He says it’s just Spring Training, and he’s not worried about it.

Eric Gagne and Derrick Turnbow also put some crooked numbers on the board.  Eric gave up two runs on three hits, and Derrick gave up three runs on two hits and walk.  Gagne said that he’s not worried about the outcomes either.  He’s still working on getting himself physically ready.

They had better start worrying about it.  Even if Suppan and Gagne were trying to work on something, they obviously were not doing it very well.  Yost said with the off day coming up tomorrow, it is time for the pitchers to get in game shape.  After the off day, everyone should be in regular season mode.  The games will start to matter more to Ned.  It’s about time he’s said something like that.  Soup had best be sharp the next time he pitches, or Brewers fans will start to get a little antsier than they are right now.




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