Yost makes first cuts

15 03 2008

The first round of cuts happened late last night.  Hernan Iribarren, Zach Jackson, Brad Nelson, and Luis Pena are all being sent to Minor League camp to get some regular work in.  Adam McCalvy says that none of these are surprising.

I beg to differ a little bit.  Luis Pena had not given up a single run this spring.  Not one.  It’s been well chronicled on the site about how much Ned Yost likes Pena, as well.  I’m a little shocked that he’s not getting more of a look for the big league squad.  I suppose cuts like this happen when a team has as much pitching depth as the Brewers have.  It’s a good problem to have.  I would not be surprised to see Luis in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform sometime this season.

Again, this has nothing to do with the Brewers, but I was shocked enough that I had to post it.  Jason Schmidt of the Los Angeles Dodgers has been struggling through pain and fatigue stemming from his surgery he had last season.  Apparently, Jason is tired of waiting for the pain to leave because he’s decided to pitch through the pain this spring.

Way to be a martyr, Jason.  You’re really going to pitch through the pain?  The pain and fatigue that tells your body there is something wrong with your body?  The pain that is a signifier that you should take a break and give your body a chance to get better?  I understand trying to pitch through the pain because you’re sick of Dodgers fans hounding you because you haven’t pitched much since being signed, but even the oft-injured Ben Sheets knows you just shut it down when you get injured.

Part of me thinks that Jason has lost it and is giving himself an out if he pitches poorly this spring.  If he pitches well, he’s the greatest player on the team because he toughed it out.  If he pitches poorly, he can blame it on his injury.  Not a bad PR situation to be in if you’re Jason Schmidt.  Still, this is one of the stupidest things he could possibly do right now.  Unless you count punching a wall and injuring your hand like that Detroit Tigers reliever.  That was pretty stupid too.



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