Round ’em Up: Friday

14 03 2008

Morning everyone.  I’m here a little earlier this morning, so you all can get your Brewers fix a little sooner today.  Because there isn’t a game until late tonight (9:00pm CT), I’ll write another post or two throughout the day.  Here’s your Round ’em Up for today:

  • Abraham Nunez will likely not make the Opening Day roster unless someone gets injured (knock on tons of wood). He’ll be a great insurance policy down in Triple-A, though.  I know this news is shocking, especially since Ned Yost absolutely loves him.  He said:

    “He’s been very, very impressive,” Yost said. “I mean really impressive. I mean really, really impressive.”

    Oh wow, Ned.  You’re oh, so eloquent with your language.  I don’t even know how to respond to a comment like that…

  • Yesterday, I mentioned that Mark Rogers suffered a setback in his rehab schedule because of his shoulder.  Here’s a longer article on that if you’re interested.  I expect you’re not, as Mark is likely to never see the lights of Miller Park unless he can get through a few months without being injured.
  • Dugout Central writes an article that has the 10 least talked about stories in baseball.  It’s not a fantastic article, but it’s still interesting.  It does point out that every team besides the Chicago Cubs are experiencing pitching problems.  I think it would be wise to see who makes Milwaukee’s rotation before we deem the rotation as “problematic.”  Perhaps that’s just me though…
  • The Brewers bullpen gets some love today.  Tom Singer from ranks the Brewers ‘pen as the fourth best in all of baseball.  I never thought I would see that this season.  The ‘pen certainly has a chance to be that good.  I do find it rather funny that the article thinks that Guillermo Mota is the leading candidate for the set-up role.  Tom must have forgotten about Derrick Turnbow and David Riske.  Oh yeah, Milwaukee has Salomon Torres too. also has an article on the bullpen.  It doesn’t actually make an argument in the article, other than the fact that Milwaukee completely rebuilt its bullpen.  I suppose if you are not a Crew fan, you may not know that.  Maybe I should leave the little bubble I live in and realize that there are baseball fans that aren’t Brewers fans.  Nah, it’s warm in that bubble.  Everyone loves the Brewers.  Or at least they just don’t realize they do yet.

  • I have another Brewers preview for you all today.  This time, it’s from RealGM.  They predict Milwaukee’s record to be 88-74.  Hmm…I think that’s pretty close to my prediction of 89-73.  It’s a good preview.  Give it a look!
  • Not necessarily about the Brewers, but it affects them.  Kyle Lohse signed with the St. Louis Cardinals today.  The Cards only had to shell out $4.5M for one year of his services.  Sure Kyle Lohse is not anything special.  In fact, he’s a lot like Claudio Vargas, but $4.5M for a starter is way below market price in the past couple years.  I like this move a lot for the Cards.  Lohse will be in the rotation to start the year, and he’ll have a chance to show what he can do.  That very well may be absolutely nothing, by the way.  At least the Cardinals made a significant move this off-season, though.  Before this it was the Juan Gonzalez signing.  They were having an awful off-season.



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14 03 2008

I don’t know. Mark Rodgers is pretty young. He could still get on the field if he gets healthy. It’s a big if though.

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