Rosenthal on Escobar

14 03 2008

Alcides Escobar is drawing some pretty high praises from scouts around the league.  Ken Rosenthal reports that one scout said that the Brewers should trade Rickie Weeks and move J.J. Hardy to second base right now to open up a spot for Escobar.  His defense is phenomenal and major-league ready right now.  His offensive skills are still developing, but Rosenthal points out that Escobar’s offensive numbers now are very similar to those of Edgar Renteria at the same point in his career.  If Alcides could turn out to offensively be like Renteria and have superior defensive skills, the Brewers have quite the prospect on their hands.

Rosenthal also suspects Doug Melvin’s phone to be ringing about Gabe Gross.  Gabe is out of options and will likely not get too much playing time after Mike Cameron comes back from his 25-game suspension.  Ken mentions the Tampa Bay Rays as a top suitor, now that Rocco Baldelli is shelved with chronic fatigue.  The Brewers could help out their cause a lot by trading Gross, in my opinion.  Perhaps they should give that a look.

What do you all think?  Does Alcides deserve as much praise as he’s getting?  Should the Brewers trade Gabe Gross?  Sound off!




3 responses

14 03 2008

why would we start escobar now? we’re trying to win right now. unless weeks could get us a stud pitcher in return…and there aren’t any available…there would be no point in trading him. even though escobar could be a stud in a couple years.

gabe gross should be traded. period. get a couple prospects for him. get a couple prospects for vargas or capuano and move on.

17 03 2008
Bloody P

After watching Weeks play defense yesterday, I’d say get Escobar in last week!

Yikes, his D was scarier than a Joan Rivers facelift…

18 03 2008

I doubt the Brewers ever move Hardy off SS. They seem to think he’s some defensive whiz.

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