Morning Links

13 03 2008

Sorry I’m a little later than normal this morning.  I had some things I had to take care of before being able to get to my computer.  I also have to run shortly, so there won’t be too many links here.  Here’s something to start you off though:

  • Mike Cameron is seeking a supplement exemption from the MLB performance enhancing drug policy.  He will see a neurologist to see if he’s still suffering medical effects from a collision in 2005 with Carlos Beltran.  If the neurologist is convinced that Mike needs these amphetamines to help him stay healthy, he will get an exemption from the MLB’s rule.

    It is important to know that Mike is not seeking exemption from his suspension, as many people think.  He will undergo his suspension, but he is taking this neurological test to see if he has any lingering effects.  If he does, he will have a medical reason to be taking these amphetamines, so he will not accidentally test positive again.

  • Adam McCalvy does a nice piece on second baseman/center fielder Hernan Iribarren.  Milwaukee’s coaches do not want to see Hernan be a power threat like he tried to be last year in Spring Training.  They want him to be a high-average, pesky hitter that pitchers do not want to face.  He hit .307 in Double-A Huntsville last season and looks to play center field and second base for Triple-A Nashville in ’08.
  • Minor League Baseball does another preview of the Brewers system, this time taking a more personal approach.  It even has a short interview with Mat Gamel.  The author of the piece says that Milwaukee’s recent success should not end any time soon, as they have a plethora of talented prospects that will help at the big league level.

    The article does note that Mark Rogers is having shoulder discomfort again after his surgery.  His scar tissue is reportedly breaking a part a bit, so the Brewers are slowing down his rehab schedule.  It’s becoming more and more clear that Mark is just going to be a fantastic high school pitcher that never could pan out in the minors.

  • The Brewer Nation does a preview of every starting pitcher.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  I don’t have anything to say about it really.
  • I’ve been getting a couple emails about Jose Capellan getting picked up by the Cincinnati Reds.  Be careful on this one.  It’s not the ex-Brewer Jose Capellan.  He’s on the Colorado Rockies.  The Jose that the Reds signed is actually a left-handed pitcher and a reliever.  Just thought I’d clear that up for you all.
  • This has nothing to do with the Milwaukee Brewers, but I never thought I would see such an in-depth, and frankly funny, preview of the Kansas City Royals.  Who knew that Gil Meche was actually going to turn out so well for the Royals?  Perhaps that deal wasn’t as stupid as every person (including me) thought.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the preview.



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