Round ’em Up: Capuano, Yost, Sheet, Parra

12 03 2008

Here’s a little linkage for you today:

  • Tom Haudricourt shoots down the internet rumor that the Red Sox were interested in Chris Capuano. What would the Brewers be getting back? The report said Coco Crisp. That would be one of the stupidest deals Melvin could make. Tom did mention that he is now actively shopping his surplus of pitching. Probably not a coincidence that this report comes out after Yovani Gallardo showed great improvement after throwing off a mound for the first time since his surgery.
  • A little something for all you Ned Yost haters out there. Bobby Cox recently reacted to Yost’s idea to batting Jason Kendall in the ninth slot. What was the quotation?“[Bleeping] Ned, he got into the stats – look out,” said Cox, who loves Yost, but isn’t quite on the same page as the younger manager when it comes to innovative use of stats.

    All Brewers fans know that Yost gets too tangled up in stats sometimes, as we all tend to do. Obviously, Bobby Cox is not a big fan of Ned’s new managerial style. Remember that Yost worked with Cox in Atlanta, so Ned’s not getting high praise from his mentor.

    Credit goes to KL Snow at Brew Crew Ball for the find on this link.  If you don’t include him in your daily reads, you’re missing out!  Check his work out!!!

  • The Sports Bubbler has an article from the fan’s perspective in Maryvale. It loosely follows one person’s experience visiting Spring Training.
  • Ben Sheets is still working on that elusive change up. The Brewers organization says that he’s working on it every single year, but he never throws it in game time situations. Ned Yost says to look for that to change this year, as Ben’s change up looks the best it ever has.
  • Manny Parra gets some more love from the sports world. Today, Dugout Central goes over the best prospects in Spring Training, and Manny gets the nod for the Brewers. The “Manny Movement” is growing by the day.



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