JS Updates: 3/12

12 03 2008

Tom Haudricourt checks in with some of the happenings earlier today.

  • Ryan Braun got scratched from today’s lineup with a sore Achilles’ tendon.  Ned Yost says it’s not a big deal, and he could have played if it were the regular season.  It’s best not to create a reoccurring problem in the spring.
  • It was a big day for Yovani Gallardo.  He successfully pitched a batting practice session today against minor league hitters.  Tom says that Yo will “almost certainly” start the year on the DL.  This is great news for Yovani.  He’ll pitch a couple more BP sessions before unleashing it in a game this spring.  The middle of April looks like a distinct possibility.
  • Eric Gagne also pitched against live hitters today.  He faced five batters and recorded four outs and walked the last batter on a high fastball.  So far this spring, Eric had mostly been working on his fastball and commanding his fastball, but he unleashed his curveball today.  Excuse me…he unleashed his “funky” today, as Ned Yost put it.  I cringed when I read that quotation…



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