Round ’em Up: Kendall, LaPorta, THT

10 03 2008

Here are some more links for you all to peruse today at work:

  • Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports and Luft on Deck both discuss the merits of batting Jason Kendall in the ninth spot in the batting order.  Rosenthal reports that the Brewers could score 25-30 more runs with Kendall batting ninth, which is a much higher gain than I had previously heard.  If that is true, I completely support batting Kendall there.  He is predominantly a groundball hitter, and batting after the pitcher will help prevent hitting into an obnoxious amount of double plays.  That logic tells us that Milwaukee may have made a very good decision here.

    Luft takes the opposite approach to this argument.  He says that Kendall is only batting ninth because he’s simply so bad that he needs to bat there.  The article bashes Kendall throughout for the most part, but I think it’s foolish to focus on his offensive output here.  I’ve said it before, but it’s not like Milwaukee is searching for home run power in its lineup.

  • Matt LaPorta writes a diary from Maryville.  It’s very short, but Matt promises to write more.
  • The Hardball Times has five important questions to ask of the Milwaukee Brewers this season.  The author is very pessimistic about the Brewers this season, and he outwardly admits that fact.  He’s not sold on Jason Kendall (big surprise), Milwaukee’s defense (particularly Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and J.J. Hardy), Ned Yost’s managerial capabilities, and the starting rotation.

    So the good news is that Milwaukee has everything to worry about.  Oh yeah, the author also thinks that many of Milwaukee’s studs will digress from last season.  He also compares the Brewers with the White Sox of ’00-’04.  Both teams had tons of hype surrounding them, but neither of them could produce and make it to the post-season.  It’s a well-written and interesting article.  I just happen to disagree in some points.

    What do you all think about it?

I do have a couple other articles for you, but I have to get going.  I’ll post them, along with the Player Profile of the day, a little later.  These articles should keep you busy for a while though.




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