Braun’s defense improving

9 03 2008

The Brewers play a couple split squad games today, one against Seattle, and the other against Oakland.  It should be a nice opportunity for some of the younger players to get in some work.  Other than the split squad game, there’s really nothing going on in Brewers news today.  Bud Selig says that the average team’s attendance will be at least 2.7M people, not a big surprise that baseball is still growing though.

The only real news comes from Tom Haudricourt, as always:

  • Ryan Braun and Bill Hall have transitioned very nicely to their respective positions.  Ned Yost said that Braun’s instincts and athleticism have been fantastic in left, and he fully expects Braun to play Gold Glove defense in a few years.  That’s quite the statement after seeing Braun’s awkwardness in the one game I’ve been able to see on MLBtv.

    Dale Sveum, on the other hand, says that Billy’s footwork has improved dramatically in just the last week or so.  It’s not really new for Bill to play third, but it’s nice to know that his footwork is getting ironed out.  It will be nice to see correct footwork at the hot corner this year.

  • Apparently, Ned Yost is not fully committed to batting Jason Kendall 9th in the order.  It’s all but official, but not quite yet.  I fully expect that to happen though.

    The only new aspect of this story is that Mike Cameron will still be in the 2nd spot once coming back from his suspension.  We had a comment yesterday saying that the Kendall move would only make sense if Braun and Fielder moved up a spot in the order, but Yost thinks that Cameron has shown enough in Spring Training to warrant the second spot.  Yost really likes Cameron from the sounds of it.



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