Today’s Reads: 3/7

7 03 2008

Hope everyone’s doing well this morning, as always.  Hopefully this will make work go by a little faster for all of you:

  • Tom Haudricourt asks whether or not the competition for the two spots in the starting rotation is really a competition.  Ned Yost says that past performances in the rotation will also count for something, which implies that no matter how badly Dave Bush pitches this spring, he’ll be in the rotation.

    Lots of people have been saying that it is a good thing that Yost is doing this.  10-15 innings of good pitching does not warrant a starting job.  It is experience and proof over time that you can do it.  Veteran pitching trumps young pitching.  Call me naive, but it seems that the past experience of Chris Capuano and Bush seem to show a bit of inconsistency.  Perhaps it’s time to give a couple of the youngsters, like Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra, a shot to help the team win.  The team is not afraid to give young players a chance in any other position, but they are tentative to give a spot to an “unproven starter.”  Both Parra and Villanueva pitched in the starting rotation last season and outperformed Claudio Vargas, Capuano, and Bush.  If past performances count for something, the last couple months of last season should also count.  It’s tough to say Milwaukee’s in “win-now” mode if they do not put their best five on the mound.

  • Bugs & Cranks gives its season preview today.  It’s nothing incredibly new, but I’m including it because of this quotation.  It says, “But, if it truly is an open competition, I just hope the best two get the spots regardless of who it is… except Vargas.”  True story.
  • Dugout Central talks about the overlooked transactions of the past week or so.  The retirement of Scott Cassidy makes the list.  It may seem like minor news, but I had heard that many in the Brewers organization were hoping he could rebound to his 2006 form with the Padres.  It just wasn’t meant to be…
  • If you are like me, you are sick of hearing news pieces done about Prince Fielder and his frustration with his salary.  It’s just the media jumping on something and trying to make it a bigger deal than it really is.  Sure it has implications, but Prince is not going to play any differently than he did last season just because he’s unhappy with how much he’s making.  In fact, he could play harder.

    But…if you’re not like me and you want something else about it, here you go.



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