Turnbow tweaks mechanics

6 03 2008

Derrick Turnbow has looked fantastic in his past two outings this spring.  He hasn’t given up a run.  His fastball has had amazing life on it, and batters are just beating it into the ground.  The only hiccup came during a game against the Oakland A’s.  The ball felt like it was slipping out of his hand.

Mike Maddux, Bill Castro, and Derrick decided it was time to fix his grip on his fastball.  He now holds his four-seamer with his thumb on the seam, which has stopped the slipping feeling he had problems with.  Players in the field for Milwaukee keep saying that the ball looks like it’s cutting and diving in every direction.  It’s doing something different on every pitch.

This sounds like fantastic news for Derrick Turnbow.  Perhaps this grip problem had been a major cause of his wildness in the past few years.  If the ball has been slipping out of his hand, it would solve a lot of mysteries to Derrick’s inconsistency.  It will be interesting to see him pitch in the upcoming couple outings to see if the success continues.

Yovani Gallardo also pitched off a mound in a bullpen session today for the first time since having his knee scoped.  Yo says that everything feels fine, and today was a big step for him in his recovery.  The youthful exuberance and desire to come back from this injury has been refreshing, and Yo looks to be back on schedule.



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