Round ’em up: Nunez, Parra, LaPorta

6 03 2008

Good morning everyone.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  • The Baseball Analysts unveiled their Young Guns for the NL Central today.  Any guesses to which two got chosen for Milwaukee?  Matt LaPorta and Manny Parra.  Not that this should shock anyone.

    I understand that everyone believes that Manny is going to start the year in Triple-A, but he’s going to make it very hard on Yost to make that decision.  If he keeps throwing the ball like he did yesterday, Yost will not be able to say no.  Now I understand why some experts have said that Manny is a darkhorse for NL Rookie of the Year this season.

  • Baseball Prospectus ranks the Brewers organization #13 in the league, down from #7 last season.  That is understandable, as Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo have moved up to the big leagues and don’t count for the system any longer.  I do not agree, however, that the Brewers will move down in the rankings again next year.  The 6 draft picks Milwaukee has to play with in the first three rounds should help to reload the system a bit.
  • Ned Yost says that Abraham Nunez has looked “very, very, very impressive.  Extremely impressive.”  Wow…quite the choice of words there, Ned.  Still, I find it hard to believe that Nunez could make the team in front of Joe Dillon if the Brewers take 13 pitchers, like Ned has talked about doing.  I don’t think the Crew will have 13 pitchers to start the season, especially since Yo will start the season on the DL, but it’s possible.  I do like to see a confident player though, and Abraham definitely exudes confidence in this article.  It is also of note that Nunez will become a free agent in June if he’s not on the big league squad by that point.  He doesn’t expect that to be an issue though.



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