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4 03 2008

Michael Hunt and Tom Haudricourt have a couple reads for us today.

Hunt takes a look at Tony Gwynn Jr. and how he’s biding his time, waiting for a starting job.  I’m not really going to comment much.  The article does not present any new information, but still give it a look if you’re bored at work and need something to occupy your time.

Tom Haudricourt, on the other hand, outlined something in his blog that I think everyone should look at.  In light of Prince Fielder’s public displeasure over his contract renewal, Tom outlined the entire contract process.  He explains the first three years of service, the arbitration process, and how free agency works.  It will put to ease any questions you might have about the contract dispute that players may have before they are arbitration-eligible.

Tom makes a great point that I had failed to mention yesterday when discussing the Fielder situation.  Fielder believes that he should be making $900,000 this season because that is what Ryan Howard made in his third year of service.  Tom explains that the contracts are built in with performance and reward stipulations, so if you get the rookie of the year, your contract will go up.  Howard won the NL Rookie of the Year and was the NL MVP after two years, so his contract went up to $900,000.  Fielder finished seventh in the rookie of the year voting and came in third in MVP balloting last season.  If Prince would have won both like Ryan Howard did, he would be making $900,000 this year too.  It seems that Prince is upset more about the system rather than the Brewers organization.



One response

4 03 2008

I understand that Prince is mad that he’s putting up MVP caliber numbers and not getting paid like he is, but it’s the system he’s in. His paycheck will go up by almost $10M next year…I find it a little tough to complain about that.

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