Player Profile: Season Ratings

3 03 2008

AKittell posted a comment on the Mike Cameron Player Profile that made a very good point, and I thought that I should clarify what’s going on with the Overall Ratings.

The Overall Rating Scale I’m working with works a little like this…I borrowed it off of a friend of mine, and I realized that I forgot to explain it at the beginning of the series. He does the season ratings for minor league and major league players, so that’s why it’s a little skewed. It’s a little odd, but I like it. It is all relative to the position, as well.

0.0 – 5.0 = minor league talent (obviously varies in between in this, but it’s not relevant to us here)
5.1 – 6.5 = below-average major leaguer
6.6 – 7.5 = average major leaguer
7.6 – 8.5 = above-average major leaguer
8.6 – 10.0 = major league stud

So far we have:

Jason Kendall – 7.0 (average major league catcher)
Prince Fielder – 9.3 (stud)
Rickie Weeks – 8.1 (above-average second baseman)
J.J. Hardy – 7.6 (just above-average shortstop)
Bill Hall – 6.9 (league average third baseman)
Ryan Braun – 9.0 (stud)
Mike Cameron – 8.0 (above-average center fielder)

Hopefully that should help clear up a little of the confusion with the Season Ratings. AKittell is quite right on calling me out on that. Major league average is not a 5.0 as it would be if it was straight 0-10. I completely spaced on explaining the scale that I used to do the ratings. Sorry about that…




7 responses

3 03 2008
KL Snow

Still worth noting that your figures are probably mildly inflated…assuming you’re not going to put Corey Hart below average, you have every Brewer above league average.

3 03 2008

Putting Cameron and Hall as above average is very generous. Hall might even be below average if he didn’t play third. Kendall is probably right on the border of average and below average. JJ is probably about right because of his age. Everything else is pretty close to what I think with little tweaks.

3 03 2008

Okay, so I realized that I’m rating Hall too highly on the scale…you all are correct. I was still in the mode of thinking that he is above average offensively for a center fielder. If he was still in center field, I would stick with my rating, as he is better offensively than most center fielders. At third, however, Billy is about average. I’ll change that right now actually.

Everyone else, on the other hand, I’m going to stick to. These are the projections after this year. Rickie Weeks is by no means an 8.1 right now, but I am jumping on the breakout season bandwagon that everyone else is on. I do not think that Jason Kendall is as bad as everyone says. I may turn out to be wrong…..but I don’t think I will. Mike Cameron, on the other hand, is definitely above average for a center fielder. He his a bona fide 20-20 caliber player, and he brings Gold Glove caliber defense to Milwaukee. He may have lost a step, but he’s still got some wheels. He may strike out a lot, but that’s why he’s only moderately above average.

Braun and Fielder are obviously studs, and J.J. is in the above-average category for shortstops, as he’s competing with people like Ronny Cedeno and Jason Bartlett. Not to mention that he was an All-Star last year, even though this scale is not taking into account last year’s performances too much.

4 03 2008

Do you just plan on ignoring guys like Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, Derek Jeter, Orlando Cabrera, Hanley Ramierez, Troy Tulowitzki or even Michael Young? His first-half performance last year was an anomaly and he knows that. He will get 20 homers this year, but they’ll be spread out instead of all in the first two months. So probably right at the border because he’s in the top 15, but he does rank 26th for shortstops with his OBP. Mike Cameron above average? Ichiro, Granderson, Sizemore, Beltran, Rowand, Nick Swisher, Torrii Hunter, Hunter Pence, I can just keep going. He’s right down the middle there. 20/20 doesn’t make you a stud all the time. You need to get on base a bit more to make that group. Cameron barely breaks the top 30 there.

4 03 2008

Every single shortstop you named in that category would be an 8.0 or higher on this scale, I’m guessing…i think jj is about right because he is above-average, but does not compete with those guys. putting him just above average makes sense for jj

mike cameron’s rating makes sense in some aspects, if you look at his clubhouse effect and defense. he’s not as young or glamorous as everyone else…but he’ll get the job done. id still put cameron as about a 7.5-7.6 instead of as high as it is here. still, 20/20 is difficult to find for a center fielder. after all, people like coco crisp and juan pierre are still out there. cameron’s better than them for sure.

5 03 2008

cameron’s going to be a stud. he’s already hit a home run in spring training and he’s gonna put the brewers over the top this year. i’d give him an 8.5 at least…

5 03 2008
KL Snow

If you’re seriously basing your projection of Cameron off of his one spring training home run, then Tony Gwynn Jr. is also a 8.5 or so.

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