Kapler, Jackson, and Yost

29 02 2008

Looking for your Brewers fix for today? Good thing I have some articles for you:

  • Peter Gammons takes a look at Gabe Kapler and his insatiable desire to play baseball. Just to let you know, this is an ESPN insider only article. Sorry.
  • Adam McCalvy does a mini-minor league report for us. He talks about Zach Jackson’s mechanical changes and how he’s developed more of a complete arsenal of pitches now that he’s had time in the minor leagues. Zach will most likely never be a dominant pitcher, but he will be an innings-eater. After all, Zach did have 28 starts and the second-highest innings total in the Pacific Coast League.There are a couple other little tidbits about Luis Pena, who Ned Yost apparently loves, and Matt LaPorta. Bobby Cox had never heard of LaPorta before the Arizona Fall League, but he continues to be impressed with the level of talent that Milwaukee is bringing in through its farm system.
  • I am a little reluctant to comment on this video, as Buster Olney surprised me with his…less than insightful comments. He names the Milwaukee Brewers and the New York Yankees as surprise teams this season. I thought maybe he misunderstood the question because neither of those teams making the post-season would surprise anyone around the league. I guess I can understand how Milwaukee may be a surprise team if you did not watch or pay attention to baseball at all last season, but to call the Yankees a surprise team with A-Rod, Mariano River, Ching-Ming Wang, and Joba Chamberlain is just crazy. Do I need to mention Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada as well? I think you get my point.
  • The Sports Bubbler agan continues with its bullpen preview. Today they argue that Yost’s decision making will be better this season. I’ll leave that to you all to decide how you feel about that.

I think that’s enough to keep you all busy for a while. I’ll be posting later when the Brewers start play against Oakland at 2pm.



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