Spring Training begins Today!

28 02 2008

Ah, Spring Training is officially upon us.  The Milwaukee Brewers will take on the Oakland A’s starting at 2pm central time.  The batting order for the Brewers is very interesting.  I’m reluctant to read too much into it, as it’s just the first game, but it seems like Yost was not just kicking ideas around fruitlessly.  Here’s the lineup today:

2B – Rickie Weeks
CF – Mike Cameron
1B – Prince Fielder
LF – Ryan Braun
RF – Corey Hart
3B – Bill Hall
SS – J.J. Hardy
DH – Gabe Gross
C – Jason Kendall
P – Claudio Vargas (not batting)

As you can see, Yost has Cameron batting 2nd and moved Hardy down to the 7th spot in the order.  He had talked about doing that, and it does make a lot of sense because Cameron sees a lot of pitches per at-bat.  Prince Fielder is third in this lineup, batting in front of Ryan Braun.  Yost is committed to freeing up Ryan on the base paths a bit and letting him steal more to utilize his speed.  Batting in front of Prince hinders this ability because if Braun steals second, the opposing team would usually just walk Prince.  With this lineup, teams have to pitch to both monsters.

Jason Kendall is batting in the 9th spot, just as Yost talked about.  It is a little too early to get too excited about this because there is no pitcher’s spot in the order, but it could be signs for things to come.  Maybe Kendall will bat 9th in the regular season.  If you would like to read it, David Pinto from SportingNews believes this to be a good idea for the Brewers.  In his analysis, the advantage in switching Kendall to the 9th spot is only 0.1 runs per game, but he applauds Yost for doing anything to make his team better and thinking out of the box.

Do you all want Kendall in the 9th spot in the batting order?



2 responses

28 02 2008

i appreciate that yost is trying to make the team better…but i don’t want kendall batting ninth. it makes sense from a statistical standpoint, but the pitchers spot will get about 15-20 more at-bats over the year. that’s 15-20 more decisions yost will have to make about pulling the pitcher, and we all know that yost likes to do that. just stick with what we have.

i do like braun in the four-hole though. not many guys on the brewers can steal bases often, so yost should use braun to the fullest. not to mention that prince will see a lot more good pitches hitting ahead of braun.

28 02 2008

If there’s a DH, he better be batting ninth. If not, well I guess it depends on the pitcher. I could see Gallardo batting ahead of Kendall, for sure.

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