Experience on the Bench

28 02 2008

There is not enough to make a “Daily Dose” of Tom Haudricourt’s news today, so I’ll stick with just a normal posting on this one.  Unless Tom is going to do a story on every pitcher, this position-by-position story should be the last.  Today, the focus turns to the massive amounts of experience on the bench.

Ned Yost mentions that there will not be too much playing time for players on the bench, which may frustrate some of the veterans.  I think they will be fine though.  As veteran players, they know their role and what they were brought in for.  Plus, it is inevitable that injuries and massive slumps will occur.  The bench players will get their playing time.

The main candidates for the bench positions are: SS Craig Counsell, INF Abraham Nunez, 2B Joe Dillon, OF Gabe Kapler, OF Tony Gwynn Jr., OF Gabe Gross, and catchers Eric Munson, Mike Rivera, and Vinny Rottino.

While all three outfielders will make the Opening Day roster because of Mike Cameron’s 25-game suspension, there will be one left out come May.  There are two possibilities, Tony Gwynn Jr. could be sent down to the minors again to get regular playing time, or Gabe Gross could be traded.  I don’t see any way that Kapler will not make the team.  Melvin talked him into coming out of retirement explicitly to be a veteran presence off the bench.

It is too early to tell, but if I had to guess, this will be the Brewers bench: Counsell, Dillon, Kapler, Gwynn Jr., Munson.




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