Rangers-Brewers connection again?

26 02 2008

This is quite a long shot on my part, but I could not help but notice a post in the Texas Rangers blog today.  Kevin Millwood and Brandon McCarthy have already been shutdown because of general “soreness.”  That is 40% of their starting rotation right there.

According to the article, A.J. Murray and Luiz Mendoza are slated to fill in for the two starters.  Doug Melvin’s relationship with the Rangers front office is very good, and you cannot tell me that Claudio Vargas is not a more viable option over Murray or Mendoza.

Now the article said that McCarthy could have pitched if he had to, but every coach says that.  It is a way to make a potentially dangerous situation seem less pressing to the media.  If teams like the Rangers begin to lose starters before Opening Day, Doug Melvin’s phone will be ringing much more often than it is now.




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7 08 2008
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