The pitchers that got away

25 02 2008

The Sports Bubbler continued with their preview of the bullpen by analyzing those relief pitchers that Milwaukee either chose not to resign or lost via waivers or free agency.  The list consists of Matt Wise, Fransisco Cordero, Scott Linebrink, Ray King, Greg Aquino, and Elmer Dessens.

Nicholas Zettel does a nice job analyzing the stats, comparing each individual pitcher’s performance in 2007 to their career average.  Fransisco Cordero was obviously much better last year than compared to his career norms, so one would believe that he will regress next year towards the mean.  That again is a good reason why the Brewers were fortunate not to have resigned Coco.

I think most will agree that Matt Wise will be a tough loss for the Crew as well.  Zettel says that Wise performed way above his career marks early in the season, and way below in the second half.  Wise is an extremely solid relief pitcher, but there is just no room in the bullpen this season after all the off-season acquisitions.  Wise will probably pitch very well for the Mets this season.

There is a lot more on the former Brewers in the article.  The analysis actually does not make me wish that the Crew retained any of those pitchers.  Granted Melvin is relying on some bounce back years from a couple veterans (Torres and Gagne), but most pitchers will regress to the mean.  This year’s bullpen should be better.




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