Daily Dose of Haudricourt: 2/25

25 02 2008

Doug Melvin knew Mike Cameron would have to sit out the first 25 games of the season.  When Melvin signed Cameron, people criticized the move as bringing in a guy with “questionable character.”  Melvin and Attanasio repeatedly said that every team Cameron had played for gave his character rave reviews.  Cameron became a Brewer not long after.

This move is already paying off in the clubhouse.   The younger players are taking notes from his work ethic and older players are being pushed harder by his diligence.  Only a little over a week into camp, Mike Cameron is already a leader in the clubhouse.  Looks like the move may pan out after all, even if only in the clubhouse atmosphere aspect of the game.

He’s saying all the right things already.  He’s mentoring Ryan Braun and Corey Hart on the more difficult aspects of playing the outfield.  He’s already expecting to try to take part of the leadership load off of Prince Fielder.

I was one of the biggest doubters when Milwaukee first signed Cameron, but as time has moved on and I’ve studied his stats and read what he’s had to say, I’ve been more and more impressed.  This guy could be the reason the Brewers make the post-season this year.  After all, Cameron already dubbed himself the “X-factor” for the team personality-wise.



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25 02 2008

Hmm if I wanted a daily dose of Haudricourt I’d go to….Tom Haudricout. No need for simply relaying what he’s saying all the time when we can just go there.

25 02 2008

Fair point. The purpose of the site is to provide a forum for all the news concerning the Brewers and giving fans a single site to find all the news for the day. It would be foolish not to include Haudricourt in that, as he does Brewers stories every day.

It is also fair to say that Tom does not cover all the Brewers news and rumors all the time. What would be the point of giving all the news from other sites and such and not including perhaps the most reliable and important reporter on the Brewers? There wouldn’t be much of a point.

If you feel like just going to his site would be better for you, that’s fine. I thank you for visiting BrewersNation. Tom does not cover all Brewers news though, so you’ll be missing out on some unfortunately.

25 02 2008

Yeah, you could also go to any of the websites posted on this site.

I come here because I can see all the news on one site…I don’t have to go searching on my own…not to mention the little snipets of analysis on the Haudricourt pieces. If you want to go find all the news yourself gorp, go ahead. I’ll take the easy road here.

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