Interesting lineup

24 02 2008

Ned Yost came to a news conference yesterday with a very interesting potential batting lineup. It would have Kendall batting 9th behind the pitchers spot. Braun and Fielder would then bat in the second and third hole, respectively.

Interestingly enough, a post I had about a little over a month ago had a huge layout of all the possible batting orders. Using the Lineup Analysis Tool, the Brewers’ best batting order would have Kendall batting 9th and Prince Fielder batting second. It may be interesting to throw out the traditional way of doing things, but I’m not sold that Ned Yost will to do that quite yet.  If the offense struggles, though, you never know.

There are a lot of good things that can come from Kendall batting 9th, along with Braun and Fielder moving up in the order.  Naturally, Braun and Fielder will get more at-bats than they normally would from the three and four spots.  There is definitely a simplistic advantage in that sense.

More importantly, however, Rickie Weeks will have someone in front of him that can get on base, Jason Kendall.  Rickie has always been projected to be a player to bat in the 3rd or 5th position in the batting order because of his power potential.  This lineup would allow Rickie to bat with batters on base, while still acting as the team’s leadoff hitter.

It needs to be recognized that while this move could be beneficial, it could also lead for many difficult decisions for Ned.  The pitcher’s spot will get more at-bats, meaning the pinch hitter decision will have to be made more often.  That seems minuscule, but come September that will matter much more.

It also puts Braun and Fielder out of their comfort zone, and J.J. Hardy will have to bat in front of the pitcher (which he did very well last season).  It could simply be a lot of tinkering just for the sake of making a change.  I’m not sold on the idea, but it is intriguing.

What do you all think of Kendall batting 9th?



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