Daily Dose of Haudricourt: Sunday

24 02 2008

Jason Kendall came away Saturday extremely impressed by reliever Derrick Turnbow.  He said that the ball just exploded out of his hand and that he hit his spots consistently and with force.

This is good news for Brewers fans, but it should not be surprising.  Derrick always comes out at the beginning of the season on fire.  He did so in ’06, when he went to the All-Star game and subsequently collapsed afterwards, and he started out strong in ’07 as a set-up man.  With that said, however, Derrick looks to be in fine form.

I don’t know if any of you have heard the rumors, but the Milwaukee Brewers will not be moving to the AL.  I guess I had heard the rumor, but I did not put any real credence into it.  Neither does Mark Attanasio.

Tom also continues his position-by-position outlook today.  Most of these articles are very fluffy position outlooks, but they are still interesting reads.  Today, Tom writes about left fielder Ryan Braun

Again, there is nothing really new in the article.  Ryan did not enjoy playing third base and is excited about playing in the outfield.  Jim Skaalen believes that his offense can significantly improve this season if Ryan can show a little more patience at the plate.  This is where I believe Ryan needs to improve, as he only walked 29 times last season.  I do think that number is a bit misleading, as not many teams are going to walk the batter in front of Prince Fielder, but the fact still remains that Ryan needs to work the count a little better and draw some walks.




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