McCalvy’s notes

23 02 2008

Adam McCalvy has some thoughts for us today.

David Riske has a nice little human-interest piece written on him today.  Brewers fans are surely happy that he decided to switch to the mound, rather than stay at shortstop.

Ryan Braun‘s agent attended camp this week, and let’s just say there was some business to attend to as well.  Doug Melvin and Braun’s agent, Nez Balelo, are examining a long-term deal for Braun that would buy out his arbitration-eligible years and presumably one or two of his free agent years.

I’ll have my thoughts on this either tomorrow or Monday.  I don’t have time to delve too much into this question right now, as I won’t be home again until tomorrow.  I stole away for a second to post a couple things for you all today.

What do you all think about giving Braun a long-term contract?



4 responses

24 02 2008

I don’t really see the point of signing players to long-term deals before they’re even arbitration-eligible. It just seems really risky to me.

24 02 2008

Why do you think they’re looking to lock up Braun but not Prince Fielder? I am a huge Prince fan and want to see him as a Brewer for a long, long time.

24 02 2008

Also; I have you on my blogroll and will be linking here several times each week. Any chance of getting Diamond Hoggers on your roll? Thanks if so.

24 02 2008
Scott Segrin

Signing Braun now would be a way of front loading your payments to him rather than back loading them. In theory, he would get more per year now than he otherwise would, but less per year 4-5 years from now than had he waited to sign until then. I think it make sense to sign some of your key players to long term deals now as a way to flatten out the overall payment schedule. If you wait until they are all arbitration eligible, they – as a group – are going to take you to the bank when you finally have to sign them all to big deals.

I doubt Prince Fielder – or let’s more accurately say, Prince FIelder’s agent Scott Boras – would even consider a long term deal with the Brewers at this point. Prince stand to earn $10M-$15M/yr through his next three arbitration years. Then a $100M+ contract awaits him after that – sooner if Boras can talk the Breweers into trading him. Everyone realizes that a contract of that magnitude doesn’t fit in the Brewers big picture – Mark Attanasio or not.

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