Hardy deals with self-doubt

23 02 2008

Tom Haudricourt’s piece this morning is on J.J. Hardy and the self-doubt he coped with last season.

J.J. started to doubt himself after slumping a bit after his incredible start to the season last April and May.  It is only natural to begin to press, but I am a little worried that J.J. started to doubt himself.  If you are a big league player, you know you have the skills to play in the bigs.  That type of mental fragility is a little concerning, but J.J. said that he learned from it.  I hope so.  J.J. was one of the most fun players to watch at the beginning of the season in ’07.  Let’s hope he can put together a solid and consistent campaign in ’08.




One response

23 02 2008

I’m not very worried. It is a bit concerning, but when you start having the best season of your life, then all of a sudden you drop down to average ability, I’m sure any of us would begin to doubt that we could pull off what we did earlier again. I assume after realizing that it negatively affects you, you might benefit the second time.
It is interesting though, even in the second half of the season, i never doubted Hardy when he came up to bat. One of the few i felt that way about, after Hart and Braun.

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