Capuano seeks to silence critics

23 02 2008

Chris Capuano had a nightmare of a season in ’07.  He was on the receiving end of 22 straight losses and lost his job in the starting rotation. 

People have pointed toward his lack of velocity and questioned his control coming into this season.  Tom Haudricourt writes that Chris Capuano has never been more motivated to have a spectacular season.  He seeks to silence his critics and regain a spot in the starting rotation. 

That path seems a little more clear now that Yovani Gallardo has gone down with torn cartilage in his left knee.  Still, Cappy would like to have that spot secure for when Yo gets back into the lineup.  That would mean he would need to get the #4 spot from Villanueva and Dave Bush. 

Brewers fans know that Capuano is certainly capable of doing that, but will he?  I do not want to make any predictions on that front.  Cappy is one of the most diligent and hard-working pitchers in the game.  He still has his All-Star form in him, but he has some work ahead of him to find it again.  He looked awful at points last season.  I think I speak for all Brewers fans when I say that I hope that Cappy can pull it back together.  He would be a very valuable addition to the rotation if pitching well again.



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