Eric Gagne has large expectations

22 02 2008

Dayn Parry came out with another list today.  This time, it is the list of what players have the biggest shoes to fill.  Top of the rankings?  Eric Gagne of course.

Gagne has to fill the shoes of Francisco Cordero, who set the single season save record for the Brewers last season.  In earlier posts, I mentioned that Cordero was not as good as everybody may think.  He did blow 7 games for Milwaukee, after all.  Still, his 86 Ks in 63.1 innings pitched will be sorely missed.

Dayn thinks that if Gagne struggles, David Riske will get the call for the Crew.  I definitely agree with that.  I still think it was one of the most brilliant moves of the off-season to bring Riske to Milwaukee.  Melvin signed him before the Brewers had a true closer, so Riske felt that he would get a shot at being closer.  Then Melvin brought in Gagne.  That’s thinking.




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22 02 2008

7 blown saves is VERY common for a closer with that many opportunities. Cordero had 44 saves last year. For reference, Borowski had 45 saves (most in AL) and blew 8. Meanwhile Valverde (47 saves, MLB leader) and Hoffman (42) both had 7 blown games. Jenks and Rodriguez both with 40 saves, each had 6 blown saves. I’m not saying Cordero was as good as he looked, but blown saves is a tough stat to argue your point with.

23 02 2008

7 blown save is very common for a closer.

yet everyone makes it sound like Cordero never made a mistake in his life. Gagne will be more than capable at filling in for him. I don’t think he meant that Cordero was bad because he blew 7 saves. It’s just saying that Cordero wasn’t perfect, neither will Gagne. Plus, the Brewers didn’t need to pay Gagne that much anyway.

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