Daily Dose of Haudricourt

22 02 2008

You guessed it.  Tom Haudricourt is back again today with his thoughts on the Brewers.  He’s down in Phoenix with the team, so his news pieces get the advantage of first-hand experience.  Here’s what he has to say today:

  • Ryan Howard’s record-breaking arbitration win yesterday will have monumental effects on Prince Fielder’s situation.  As a Scott Boras client, Fielder will most likely not be signing any multi-year deal any time soon.  He becomes arbitration-eligible after this season, and the Brewers will be paying up big.  I would expect an arbitration hearing for the Fielder case, as Milwaukee will have to adjust their payroll to account for anything near $10M.
  • Haudricourt continues his position-by-position outlook.  Today he covers Bill Hall and third base.  There is nothing new in this article, unfortunately.  More talk of Hall’s move to third and how he thought he was going to be a center fielder for the rest of his career.



One response

22 02 2008

On the one hand, $10 million sounds like a lot. On the other hand, it’s the amount of money on the current payroll freed up when Eric Gagne departs. I think that with the presumable departures of Gagne, Cameron, Vargas, and Sheets the team will have more than enough money to deal with the arbitration cases next season. There might be hearings, but I don’t think there will be any huge freeing-up-payroll moves.

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