“The Cordero Plan”

21 02 2008

Ned Yost and the Milwaukee Brewers are trying to stay away from nagging injuries this spring.  That concern caused Yost to put Salomon Torres and Eric Gagne on ‘The Cordero Plan,’ according to Tom Haudricourt.

Last season, the Brewers held back Fransisco Cordero from throwing off a mound during Spring Training as long as they possibly could.  The hope was to keep their closer as fresh as possible through the spring, and let him come out throwing strong at the beginning of the regular season.  That plan worked to perfection last year, as Cordero set a Brewers record with the most saves in a season.

Gagne is being put on the plan because of his history of injuries and just because the Brewers do not wish to waste him during Spring Training.  His version of the Cordero Plan seems to be coming along a bit differently, as Gagne is even throwing unscheduled bullpen sessions.  I am beginning to get a little worried that Gagne is getting a little too worked up about proving his critics wrong.  It is fantastic that he wants to pitch well for the Brewers and is putting extra time in to make sure he’s prepared, but he cannot overwork himself.  Closers do not need that much time to get ready for the regular season, so expect Yost to slow down Gagne’s workout schedule a bit.

Salomon Torres, on the other hand, has been placed on The Cordero Plan because he has been complaining of general soreness in his pitching elbow and shoulder.  This exact ailment caused Torres to be placed on the DL early last year for the Pirates, but he said it was because did not tell the Pittsburgh staff about the problem.  This season, he is being more upfront about his injury problems, and Ned Yost does not expect Torres’ soreness to be an issue.

I hope Yost is correct on this front.  General soreness in the pitching elbow and shoulder is not something to be taken lightly.  This could turn into a nagging injury that lasts all season, but I will trust Ned’s judgment.  Yost said that Torres has been fighting the The Cordero Plan and wanting to get on the mound and pitch, so the soreness cannot be all that painful.  Still, I will be on the lookout for more news concerning Torres.  I will keep you posted, as always.




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