Odds and Ends: Thursday

21 02 2008

You’d like some Brewers news to read this morning? Alright…here’s what I have for you:

  • Steve Myers at Dugout Central gives his Spring Training Preview of the Milwaukee Brewers. I think his analysis is a little idealistic and simplistic at times, but it is definitely work at look. Overall, it’s a very positive outlook at the Crew and hopefully reflects reality come April.
  • Do you remember Jon Heyman’s GM Rankings? Yeah, most people did not agree with them, to say the least. Dayne Perry published his own Top 10 today, and Doug Melvin comes in at #8. I think that seems about right.
  • It did not take long for writers for the Chicago Cubs to get all upset about Ned Yost’s response that Jason Kendall’s pitchers did not give him a chance very often to throw runners out. Not to sounds biased, but this is typical Cubs journalism to me. Very selective. Why do I say so?One, Ned Yost could have been talking about the pitchers on the Oakland Athletics. After all, didn’t Kendall play for Oakland longer than he did for Chicago last season? Nothing like jumping to conclusions. Secondly, if Cubs’ journalists would have kept reading the article on Jason Kendall, they would have seen that Ned Yost also noticed a problem in Kendall’s mechanics. He was laying back too far on his throws and not giving himself the momentum needed to make a good, strong throw. But Cubs fans are right. Yost is blaming it ALL on Chicago pitchers. Good grief…



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