Sheets is motivated

19 02 2008

Tom Haudricourt had a talk with Brewers ace, Ben Sheets today.

Sheets is known for his odd sense of humor and being ridiculously injury-prone.  When he pitches for Milwaukee, however, the team reaches another level.  The fans know that.  Ned Yost knows that.  Ben Sheets knows that.  He has to stay on the diamond for the Crew to be successful.

When I saw that Tom did an interview with Benny, I expected him to just be deflecting questions about his past injuries.  That’s not what happened, though.  I got a very pleasant surprise.  Ben Sheets was feisty.  There was a fire burning in his voice.  A fire that leads me to believe that he is more motivated than ever to bring Milwaukee to the post-season.

What Ben essentially said during the interview to Brewers fans was: “Don’t you dare doubt my pitching ability.”  That’s what I like to hear from Ben.   That’s what the Milwaukee faithful want to see from their ace.

His goal this year is to pitch over 200 innings.  You think that’s a long shot for Ben?  I did too…until I read this interview that is.  Call it a hunch, but Big Ben might have a Cy Young caliber season in him this season.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s his contract-year.  Maybe he just wants to prove his doubters wrong.  Either way, Ben Sheets has his expectations set very high this year.  For some reason, I believe him.



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